Alison holds a range of art workshops from adults to children, drawing to reclaimed material working, introductory to advanced level. Her workshops have taken place across the North West at a range of events and arts festivals. She is a founding member and tutor for Liverpool Independent Art School.

Animal Art


Animal Art is the latest adult class to be held by Liverpool Independent Art School Tutor: Alison Little at Rose Lane Studios. The class takes place on the second Friday of every month from 10-12. The first class to explore graphite use for pet portraiture. The subject to be canine: a black and white Jack Russel provided in photographic format. Early sketching to be followed by a longer more defined portrait image. Participants are welcome to bring photographs of their own pets or other animals to work use as source material.

Future classes to include the use of pastel, watercolour, acrylic and other mediums. Animal subjects to range from the domestic to the wild, mammal to aquarian, European based to the plains of Africa. Processes to identify with methods of capturing primal characteristics, motion and texture in addition to introducing habitat.

First class held on Friday 12th April, I Rose Lane, Allerton, Liverpool.

10 including materials

Contact to book.


Southport Arts Festival


Rags Boutique is coming to Southport for the Saturday for the Art Festival. Along with magical creations, we will be creating masks: Unicorns, mushrooms, black cats and wonderful wizards. Ethical use of reclaimed plastic blacks for a truly inspirational experience, great for under twelve.


Based in the gardens located outside of the delightful seaside Sainsbury's in the city centre, workshops to run from 11-1pm and 2-4pm.

Saturday 11th May 2019

Free Drop in, no need to book.

Liverpool Irish Festival


Last October saw a line of children and adults, tots and basically those mortal getting involved with the fun of flag making. The last weekend of the Liverpool Irish Festival took the Rags Boutique workshop to the contemporary interior to the Museum of Liverpool. A wonderful day spent with a colourful bag recycling project on the iconic waterfront. We saw identities being identified through the Greens of Ireland, the Red, White and Blue of Britain and the Purples of Feminism. Flagpoles on the hole of the day and adults which showed us they still knew how to play dress up!


Alison is available for bookings for festivals and events, schools and community groups, locally and nationwide.