Alison ' experience in exhibiting ranges from venues across the Nation, in addition to this she curates and has project managed large scale Arts initiatives. Utilising materials such as polythene and shredded paper she creates works which tackle issues around sexual violence, mental health in addition to other feminist subject matter'. 

The Female Suspension



The female suspension was an installation in Bold Place Liverpool in spring 2019. The lower bodies were hooked through the groin and suspended from chains. In the shadows of the Bombed Out Church, Bold Place lies directly beside St Luke's Church, Liverpool City Centre.
The Female suspension was an installation which addresses a world of sexual violence. The lower bodies and limbs of numerous women who have been raped are suspended by chained, hooks penetrating their groins. Meat like, a waste product, violated then disposed of like an animal carcass meat still to be stripped from the bones.
This was the fourth installation to take over at 5 Bold Place as part of the art in windows project which Alison' assists in organising. The form is a female abdomen and legs extending down to the feet. Each represents a rape victim.
Polythene and shredded paper were used to create each of the sculptural works, red toned papers are used around the groin area to reflect the pain suffered from the attack. Wire wool is used to represent the pubic hair, this demonstrates resistance from the violation. The lack of upper body and stones in the feet show a woman who was unable to oppose the onslaught. The hook is driven through the groin area, this enables us to reflect upon the extreme violence used in sex attacks. We viewed the forms suspended in a commercial environment, infinite in number and we are given the impression that more will simply be added to the collection.
The Female Suspension was intended to shock, inform, evoke debate and leading to social reform in direct regards to Rape crime.


The Fabric of Fine Art


The solo exhibition brought the latest fine art textiles to Liverpool' leading grass routes exhibition venues: Arts Hub on Lark Lane.
Alison presented the very latest works from her fine art textiles ranges. Larger wall based freehand machine embroidery pieces looking at everything from themes around Liverpool icon buildings to an interpretation of the latest contemporary poetry. A range of techniques is explored around quilting, appliqué, the re-purposing of decoratively patterned fabrics and the used of dis-solvable medium to create contemporary lacing edges. Smaller framed hand embroideries exploring pioneering techniques in the use of photographic imagery to create fibre works. The latest ranges of framed hand crochet Wedding Day ranges. An organic approach to crochet where the mathematics of pattering meets the artistry of shaping.
Not forgetting a selection of Nations most loved dogs featured on luxury cards. New samples of the pet portrait service where photographs of your furry friends become needlepoint creations. Fibres used to form fur, colours were chosen to depict the canine form.
1000 stitches hooked, 100 needles threaded, 10 hours on the sewing machine and 1 very passionate artist.

Rags Boutique


Her creative endeavours are to include the fundraising and project management of Rags Boutique Rags Boutique was a six-week project to open a disused retail unit as an exhibition space and a workshop venue in Liverpool city centre. Using newspaper, plastic bags and other readily available materials she created a fashion Boutique from entirely recycled materials. The Boutique was open to the public and visited by many from across the city and from further afield. The window display was key to the success of the project. In this, the windows were signed using cut vinyl in the style of the Boutique and the window displays were created in the style of the Boutique. The mannequin' were clothed in newspaper creations which were sprayed with a combination of acrylics and water-based emulsions to created a male and female which were visually stunning.