Alison Little has worked on a number of Public Art Commisions in the North West and across the UK.

Superlambanana Lips 




As a creative professional Alison has worked on a variety of art projects including numerous public art commissions: Go Superlambanana, Go Penguin and the Horse Parade in Cheltenham. Liverpool based, working throughout the UK and on occasions internationally.

Her initial degree was in 3D Design in which she specialized in plastics as a medium. Her working methods vary from hand painting, improvisation of printed digital media to traditional craft practice, all to the highest of standards

The hand painted commission above was for the Lambanana situated at the Lip Doctors in Maghull:

Nestling amongst prickly plant life she stands proudly at the entrance to the Lip Doctor, Liverpool Road South, gated at night to ensure that she doesn't escape. To match the lip shaping and plumping service offered by Doctor Fab she has been adorned with a selection of the finest lips in Liverpool. Each ear taking on pouting red lips stretching out to both sides, dark-toned and diamond studded smack onto the middle body. The frontal limbs present romantic soft tones smiles while the back has been kissed by the finest plump pink pair. The tip of the yellowtail has been finished off with a flirty orange shade set. A delightful creature, fun but equally glamorous all at the same time.

A Magnificent creature to adorn with lips. 


 Concept-based polythene and shredded paper forms



Since 2014 Alison has been using polythene and shredded paper to create artworks, the first of these being Bi-Polar B for 2014 World Mental Health Day exhibition held at the Williamson Gallery in Birkenhead. 'Bipolar B' is a vision of a female sufferer of Bipolar, its prime concern is to address Hyper-sexuality in sufferers. Other artworks using the techniques were Brain scape for World Mental Health Day 2015, exhibited at Unit 52 in the Baltic Triangle, Liverpool. The image above shows the larger scale commission was created for Spectrum D in Derby:  Act against Hate crime she replicated the figures using polythene sheeting and shredded paper with printed terminology to create a large scale installation. The installation to consist of a full-size figure floor based and a broken wheelchair. The figure to be filled with statements about disability such as impairment, unseen, exclusion from society, physical, mental, sensory and emotional. This was a very successful piece exhibited at the Guildhall Theatre in Derby in October of 2015. 


 Chris the Penguin



'Chris the Penguin' was painted for the 2010 'Go Penguin' parade, the mass public art trail which took over the streets of Liverpool during the festive season. He is based on the cyclist 'Chris Hoy', hence the bright red cheeks and the Team GB kit he flaunts with the glory of an Olympian.  He was gratefully commissioned by the Manchester Velodrome, originally located outside the Echo Arena in Liverpool, then on display at St George's Hall in the image above for the final charity auction. 



Available to design, visualise and materialise artwork across the Region.