Alison Little is a North West based Artist who works across the creative sector. From concept based exhibition pieces, to lively public art, from workshops to arts project management. A leading creative bring new works, practice and artistry to our realm.


Alison Little is a North West based Artist who works across the creative spectrum. Often working around the medium of Textiles, the use of reclaimed materials is key within her practice. As a creative professional she has worked on a variety of arts projects including numerous public art commissions: Go Superlambanana, Go Penguin and the Horse Parade in Cheltenham.

Holding workshops are prominent within her practice, working with a variety of primary and secondary school groups in addition to a range of community groups and third sector organizations. In early 2011 she ran a medium term (6 weeks) Arts Project: Rags Boutique. In this she secured the funding to run the project which consisted of transforming a disused Retail Unit in to an exhibition space and workshop venue. This revolved around the theme of fashion from reclaimed materials and was a great success.

Liverpool based, working throughout the UK and on occasions internationally. Her initial degree was in 3D Design in which she specialized in plastics as a medium. This is evident in her current practice around the use of heat sealed technologies for re-working discarded plastic bags. Her working methods vary from hand painting, improvisation of printed digital media to tradition craft practice, all to the highest of standards.

Highly conceptual in her approach her enthusiasm for creative practice is evident and conveyed through her communication methods. Community engagement is strong within her working methods, actively seeking participation from minority groups and marginalize sections of society. This was a key feature of running Rags Boutique, with the project being run from a retail setting on a busy City Centre thoroughfare the client group was wider than those associated with traditional Art Gallery visitors.